For ten weeks there will be a weekly meeting: nine practical workshops with all participants and one individual session (week 9). A lot is expected of you outside of these meetings. Every week you work independently on activities and you are coached by a business developer, investment manager or other involved parties. You actively engage in conversations with (potential) customers to collect sufficient evidence. You follow the program together with other entrepreneurs. These are intensive and valuable weeks.

Group meetings

You meet up with all participants every week, where you present your progress to the group on the one hand, and you also receive training on theory and skills. These meetings focus on the five core dimensions of customer, product, team, business model and money. For the online part of the meetings (7 of the 10 sessions) we use Microsoft Teams.

Individual online workshops

During the program there are also two individual sessions: one in intellectual property and one in funding strategy. These individual sessions take place via Microsoft Teams.


You follow the program with a group of entrepreneurs. By regularly sharing progress and providing each other with feedback, you learn from each other's mistakes and successes.

Working independently

Every week you work independently on practical assignments in preparation and completion of the group meetings. You will be coached by a business developer, investment manager or other involved parties. Week 2 to 5 are the most intensive weeks, as the aim is to have at least 10 interviews per week with (potential) customers for proper validation of the problem and required solution. It is advisable to set aside sufficient time for this in your agenda (or do this together with colleagues).

Digital environment

To run through the program efficiently, use our digital environment StartupDashboard. This environment gives you insight into when which meetings are and when you carry out which practical assignments.