Growth Opportunities for AgriTech between Maryland and the Netherlands

In the face of climate change, geopolitical tensions and supply chain instability, the world is moving towards more locally produced food. This local-for-local trend requires a fundamental shift in how global food supply chains are organized and puts new demand on the technology needed to produce sufficient, high quality, diverse and healthy food. This poses new opportunities for international collaboration.

The Netherlands and Maryland both focus strongly on local food production and ways to benefit from their central locations with easy access to densely populated areas. The influx of more high tech equipment in controlled-environment agriculture increases yields, but also requires essential risk-mitigating measures to safeguard the systems against online intrusion.

In this webinar, both regions will highlight the commercial opportunities for innovative companies to meet these regions’ ambitions in food production.

InnovationQuarter, Maryland Department of Commerce, F3 Tech, Baltimore-Rotterdam Sister City Committee, Netherlands America Chamber of Commerce Washington Metro (NACCWM), CyberAg and Rotterdam Partners are hosting this webinar on January 27th, 2022 from 9am – 10.30am ET (Maryland time), 3pm- 4.30pm CET (Netherlands time).

For whom?

For Dutch and Maryland AgTech companies interested in expanding operations or finding partners overseas.

Why you should attend

In this round table, we will zoom in on the opportunities in food production technology, both in hardware and digital. We will explore opportunities to expand the AgTech collaboration between the Netherlands and Maryland. This roundtable will:
  • Provide Dutch and Maryland parties with an overview on AgTech and CyberAg in the respective markets, specifically on the topics of controlled environment agriculture and cybersecurity in agriculture.
  • Get companies acquainted with key organizations in the respective markets.
  • Provide insights on facilities available to support collaboration between Maryland and Netherlands-based organizations, such as soft landing programs and financial incentives.
  • Discuss areas of opportunities for Maryland and Dutch companies.


  • Signe Pringle — Deputy Secretary, Maryland Department of Commerce
  • Rolf Karst — Projectmanager Internationalization, InnovationQuarter.
  • Eric Egberts — CEO, Dutch Greenhouse Delta.
  • Bert Feskens, Senior Security Programme Manager - Innovation Liaison, Security Delta (HSD)
  • Steve Connelly — Deputy Secretary, Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA).
  • Ewing McDowell — Maryland Department of Commerce
  • Chris Hlubb — Program Director, F3 Tech
  • Nina Lamba — Assistant Director, Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology (IMET)
  • Andrew Rose — Managing Director, CyberAg
  • Mike Thielke (Moderator) — Executive Director, Eastern Shore Entrepreneurship Center (ESEC)

For questions please contact:

Rolf Karst
Projectmanager Internationalisering
+31 6 27207081
Rolf Karst

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