International Women's Day workshop:

Practical tools for inclusive networking

Men and women build and use their networks differently, for reasons deeply embedded in our cultures. Working in an organization dominated by one gender means that most unwritten rules are perfectly understood by most, but less visible to the other gender. For example, as a man, did you ever wonder how to approach a woman on a network event without being flirty? Or did you ever, as a woman, felt that the man in front of you was not really listening (to what you were saying)?

We will be exploring these questions together with WISTA the Netherlands to create a more inclusive working environment. Therefore we will organize an interactive event, for men and women, on the 8th of March at Huisman in Schiedam.


16:00 – 16:15 walk in

16:15 – 17:15 Workshop The Invisible Rules of Effective Professional Networking

17:15 – 17:45  Interactive dialogue with David Molenaar, CEO bij Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy BV en Elkse Stellingwerff, Group Discipline Manager Engineering at Huisman

17:45 – 19:30 drinks


Workshop: The Invisible Rules of Effective Professional Networking

In an active and fun session, we explore the invisible rules of gender communication and learn how to get what you want in a professional networking setting. How do you ask the right question, to the right people? And what to do when we really don’t like them? Or when you don’t like networking at all?

Join us to explore the hidden language of networking and gain the skills you need to make networking even more fun.

The session will be led by Anouk Creusen.

Anouk is the founder and operational director of 75inQ, a not-for-profit organization accelerating the energy transition by bringing gender balance to the table. Trained as a geoscientist, Anouk spent 15 years at Shell where she has facilitated numerous leadership programs for women on the corporate ladder.


Please sign up soon, as there are limited spots available.