The greater Boston region is increasingly held up as a model of urban climate resilience in the United States, as it is working towards carbon neutrality by 2050. Buildings are the source of 70% of greenhouse gas emissions in Boston. As a part of meeting the ambition, at least 80% of those buildings shall be retrofitted with sustainable solutions over the next 30 years. A trade mission to Boston in 2019 and a recent market report show that this brings significant opportunities for Dutch companies with solutions in the retrofitting space.

Join this mission if..

  • You are a scale-up or SME with a product/service for the sustainable retrofitting of existing buildings.
  • Your solution matches the opportunities in the Boston market.
  • You are interested meeting potential partners and clients in the US.
  • You are interested in 5 to 7 tailored matchmaking appointments.

…then join us for the Digital Mission on Deep Energy Retrofits to the Greater Boston Region in May & June 2021!


The opportunity areas

The following technologies are sought-after in the Boston market but currently either available but not cost-effective, or not (sufficiently) available at all.

Opportunity area

Technology/service is available in the Boston market but not cost-effective

Technology/service is not, or not significantly, available in the Boston market yet

Alternative heating

  • Large-scale air source heat pumps
  • Ground source heat pumps
  • Solar hot water/ heat pump water heaters
  • Energy recovery ventilators
  • Solar assisted heat pumps
  • Waste heat recovery
  • Air-to-water heat pump
  • Small-scale variable refrigerant systems

Energy efficiency buildings

  • Prefabricated structural panels
  • Façade redesign strategies
  • High performance windows
  • Non-invasive insulation materials

Renewable energy generation

  • Lightweight solar PV panels
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Energy storage

  • Size optimized Distributed Energy Resources (DER) equipment
  • DC-ready appliances

Smart software solutions

  • Improved demand/grid management
  • Smart control system (in small residential properties)
  • Artificial intelligence /machine learning in systems controls
  • Virtual Power Plants

Source: Deep Energy Retrofits Market in the Greater Boston Area, Netherlands Enterprise Agency (2020). Read more here

Set-up of the mission

During this digital mission a limited number of Dutch and Nordic companies will be introduced to the Boston market, its stakeholders and potential clients. Interactive, small group or bilateral sessions will be organised to allow for productive conversations and high individual visibility. It is a great way to gain in-depth knowledge on the opportunities for your company in the market and start building connections. Travel and health considerations allowing, this digital mission will be followed up by a physical visit to Boston in December 2021.

Are you a Dutch or Nordic scale-up or SME and do you have a solution in one of the opportunity fields defined on this page? Then participate in this digital deep energy retrofits mission to Boston!

This mission is an initiative from

About the organizing parties
Netherlands Innovation Network in Boston, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Cleantech Scandinavia and InnovationQuarter have been jointly promoting market access for Dutch and Nordic cleantech companies in the Boston market since 2019. By joining forces between the Dutch and Nordic ecosystems we make a bigger impact in the Boston market and facilitate Dutch and Nordic companies to do business with each other at the same time.