Opportunities for greenhouse robotics in the Netherlands

About RoboCrops

Covid19 demonstrated the vulnerabilities of our food system’s dependence on manual labour. The urgency for horticultural robotisation is more apparent now than ever.

We are continiously organizing activities in the RoboCrops program (https://robocrops.tech/). In the program we set the goal to accelerate the valorisation of horticultural robotisation. A program where the horticultural robotics community can make progress in a virtual setting, by matching greenhouse automation businesses from around the world to Dutch horticultural growers, suppliers, pioneers, investors, analysts and more.

About this webinar

The horticultural cluster in the Netherlands has a need and offers potential for international robotic developers with applications in greenhouse horticulture. However, due to travel restrictions the opportunities to understand and connect to this cluster has been less that normal. Therefore, as part of RoboCrops Program, we would like to invite you to join this webinar with the topic “Opportunities for greenhouse robotics in the Netherlands”  on November 12th at 14:00-15:30 CET which will focus on the potential and developments in robotics in the horticultural sector in the Netherlands.

The webinar is meant to give an insight for tech companies and robot builders that want to know more about the possibilities to further develop, test and sell their products and services in the Netherlands or from the Netherlands worldwide.





Horticulture in the Netherlands / Rotterdam-The Hague Area
Maarten Hermus, Accountmanager Horticulture & Food InnovationQuarter


Robotics in Horticulture
Arife Aker, Accountmanager HTSM InnovationQuarter


Cooperation in the Dutch Horticultural technology cluster
Annie van de Riet, President of AVAG (association of the Dutch greenhouse construction and technology)


Starting up in the Netherlands
Bart Brinkman, Business Developer Briddge Legal & Finance




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