Break-out: Meedenken over de ActieAgenda met Technology Park Ypenburg - Den Haag
Datum en Tijd
maandag, februari 1, 2021, 4:05 PM - 5:25 PM

The Ypenburg business park in The Hague houses several high-tech companies, as well as a field lab. Four companies (Airborne, KVE, Promolding and GTM) and the field lab DFC join forces to make The Hague an international hotspot for the manufacturing industry of products based on high-tech materials. High-tech companies are the companies of the future and also determine to a large extent the economic development and employment of the future. The demand for products from high-tech materials will grow strongly, both nationally and internationally in the coming years.

The TPY aims to become the foundation for strengthening the regional innovation power and the growth of business, jobs, knowledge institutes and investments aimed at innovative manufacturing industry, specialized in high-tech materials.

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