Looking to expand in the US? Then this might just be the program for you! The Scale up program US for cleantech companies will support companies throughout their scaling process: from understanding the market and developing/strengthening a proposition, to preparing a pitch that is tailored to the US market, working with a mentor to understand do’s and don’ts, and finally a 3-day visit to Boston to meet potential partners or customers.

The program will be spread over a few months so companies save sufficient time to develop their proposition and will therefore partly take place online. 

Who should participate in this program?

  • Your company already has (some) traction on the US market and/or sufficient experience in foreign European markets.
  • Your growth strategy includes scaling to the US significantly in the next 3 years. This also means having committed significant resources to this process.
  • You are a scale-up company looking to expand your business to the US
  • You have at least two employees available to participate in the program, one of which is in a management position. You have on average 3 hours per week available to invest in this program between November 2022 and March 2023.

Program information

Practical Information

Costs for participating

The costs for participating in this program are €1500 euros (excluding VAT) per company. Excl. flights and hotels in Boston.


Registration process

Register before October 3rd. After the registration deadline the organizing parties will review all registrations and select 5 companies based on:

  • Their readiness to enter the US market
  • The fit between the company goals for the program and what we and our partners can deliver to the company
  • Selecting 5 companies that are in the same stage of scaling, which will facilitate making the program as valuable as possible for everyone. 

Registered companies will receive feedback on their application by 10 October. 


Cancellation policy

By registering on this website you commit to participating in the program in case you are selected. If you, as a company, cancel your participation in a later stage the full cost price of the program (€6.000 per company) will be charged. 


In the organization and implementation of this mission, we take into account all applicable rules and restrictions regarding Covid-19 of the Dutch, US government and our US hosts.

Due to the COVID-19 developments, there is a risk that the visit to Boston cannot take place on the stated date. If this is the case, we will inform you as soon as possible and the visit will be rescheduled.



If you have any questions, please contact Anne de Vries or Mart Duitemeijer

Anne de Vries
Senior Project Manager Internationalisation - Energy&Circularity
+31 6 22546065
Anne de Vries
Mr Mart Duitemeijer
Innovatie Attache
Netherlands Innovation Network
+1 202-615-7168
Mart Duitemeijer

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