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We are sorry to inform you that the International Business Meetup scheduled for June 30 is postponed. We will organize the event later this year in an adapted form. Please let us know via e-mail if you’d like to be informed about upcoming events.

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Elisa van Maanen-Gentzsch

Entrepreneurship: discover your opportunities and possibilities abroad

Visit the International Business Meetup on June 30, 2022

Are you an entrepreneur in the Hague region, and do you dream of growing your business abroad? Then make sure you don't miss the first International Business Meetup on June 30, 2022. This event combines keynote speakers, inspiration sessions and workshops with valuable networking opportunities and access to young talent. Whether you are a starting or experienced entrepreneur, and whether you lead a startup, scale-up or solid SME: this is the event for those who want to expand internationally.


International Business Meetup:

  • Honest stories from entrepreneurs in The Hague with international experience
  • Speeches, inspiration sessions and workshops
  • Connect with other entrepreneurs, our partners and young talent
  • Back to school: no tests, only insightful lessons

Accessible with a lot of interaction
The International Business Meetup is relevant for every entrepreneur with foreign ambitions. Short but powerful speeches, inspiration sessions and workshops will inform you in an afternoon about the dos and don'ts of doing international business. Entrepreneurs from multiple industries and with varying levels of international experience share their stories, including missteps and lessons learned. They provide concrete handles to take the next step yourself. And during the breakout sessions, you and one of the experts spar about the opportunities and risks of doing business abroad.


The topics emphasize the cross-sectoral character of this event. There are information sessions about the most attractive export markets, sector knowledge and recruiting (international) talent. In several sessions, we take a deep dive into important topics such as recruiting, international talent, and funding. There is a session dedicated specifically to startups, in which we investigate when you are ready to cross the border. You see a broad program that does not shy away from depth. That makes the International Business Meetup intriguing for both startups and experienced entrepreneurs.

Meet entrepreneurs, partners and young talent
We end the afternoon with refreshing drinks. During this networking event, we link you to an entrepreneur or partner relevant to your plans abroad, for example, because you share an industry or destination. There is a good chance they can help you and your company with realistic and concrete advice. The event takes place at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, and we took the opportunity to invite the students. So are you looking for young talent? Then you might kill two birds with one stone during the International Business Meetup!
Date: June 30, 2022
Location: The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Johanna Westerdijkplein 75
Free access
Organizers: InnovationQuarter, The Hague Business Agency and the Municipality of The Hague


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